пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

pissed away plans

Sharing that have planned for the summer, but never did. I've never runs out of kazapy updates, updates panel, run Link. Bablorub went on for almost a month later, the plan is not a trip to Poland, without a trip to Lithuania, probably not going to Moscow. More on the web studio did not pass a big project, not knocked out of money for a couple of others have already handed over. Do not started writing the second seteknigu, although the story in my head already. Do not write a program module for the database, although promised and vowed to stay within three weeks. Everything has its own reasons, from over-employment and administrative delays to glitches with the technology, but plans to pluck still unpleasant.

And you have not already done so?.

The prize for the last competition of holiday gets over Seoded. mnogofotok. and native birch. Invite can be obtained by writing me a mail masterxbablorub @ gmail. com. And if you have access to, the good man to give an invite.

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