среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Google is mutated in Microsoft

Analyst Matt Rosoff believes that the once lively company loses flexibility and the software begins to resemble a mastodon.

Ten years ago - a considerable time for Internet companies -. Google. was ' young and dynamic search engine '. One of the most successful at that time, high-tech companies, Microsoft, already looked sedentary mastodon.

Now this is starting to become a mastodon itself Google, writes Business Inside. In this paper, titled ...

... Larry Page. Google was going to take control into their own hands, he turned to Steve Jobs for advice. Jobs told him, concentrate on a small number of things and do them well ' - writes Rosoff. Later, he said, the head of Apple Page, recounted a conversation with his biographer Walter Isaacson.

' Find out what he wants to be Google, when he grows up - said Jobs. - What are the five products you would like to focus on? .

So, what unites two sverhkorporatsii that, in general, can not be considered competitors of each other? . Google has a search, Microsoft - Windows is. Both companies will do everything possible to protect these areas and will use them to enter new markets.

Google Android mobile platform expert compares with the game console Microsoft Xbox. Bringing to market its product, Google has faced with the strongest competitor - Apple, and Microsoft unsuccessfully competing with the dominant player in the console - Sony. At the same time brings the Google Android tiny portion of the profits, the same story, and with Xbox.

Social Network. Google. Business Insider seems to the author like a search engine Bing. Allegedly, Google, Facebook frightened world domination in the market of social networks, quickly riveted to their own network and search engine Bing came after the Microsoft worried about the dominance of Google in the search market.

Tools Google Music, Rosoff argues - is ' analogue ' Microsoft Zune player. For the service of one company was a failed attempt to compete with iTunes, for another - to compete in popularity with the iPod.

Finally, browsers, Chrome and Internet Explorer were compared with each other. And he and the other - is a complement to a major product, search Google and Windows OSes. In Chrome integrated search, and the ' Windows ' is always supplied with the browser, so users can as soon as possible to get online. And so on, even in several aspects.

However, according to the author notes, the comparison with Microsoft is not that a shame. Despite the fact that the shares of the corporation has long been virtually no change in price, its business is growing by 10 percent. So Google is not necessarily seek to become a leader - and the company will probably live happily ever after.

понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.

Another start- stop

I noticed one thing. When the project is almost ready, almost formed, there comes a time of fear. Fear of disclosure, before going to the investor. A common image of an investor - a tired man who has dazzled the eyes of the brilliant ideas, and who is tired to communicate with techies who do not know what the IRR. At the startup of PostScript points drench indiscriminately, and these poor fellows - Botany nothing can answer tough and cunning businessmen.

  • they do not believe in your plan proceeds;.

  • they do not believe in a team of two programmers;.

  • they do not believe in startups that have no patents;.

  • They do not believe that someone will buy it.

This is a lot of talk, do a lot of seminars for all startups, but even if you know how to argue their positions, it still feel the stopper - scared to give her little child to the wolves of the business. Here I sit, trying to overcome this, write a short sammari and send it to an investor....

суббота, 2 июня 2012 г.

Bug in Skype video filters threatens the security of users

skype1.thumbnailSome Skype users were vulnerable to possible attacks after the worm, as technical specialists have been unable to eliminate the ...

Programmers had to remove the ... An attacker could sodas self-copying worm program that can be installed on a victim's computer and then infect users' computers from the list of contacts in Skype. The ... com and Metacafe. com, and then add the Skype chat session. Skype blocked access to these sites on Tuesday, after the warning, so removing the threat. Due to some problems setting up a proxy server in the program, some users still have access to the sites mentioned, remaining unprotected.