понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.

Another start- stop

I noticed one thing. When the project is almost ready, almost formed, there comes a time of fear. Fear of disclosure, before going to the investor. A common image of an investor - a tired man who has dazzled the eyes of the brilliant ideas, and who is tired to communicate with techies who do not know what the IRR. At the startup of PostScript points drench indiscriminately, and these poor fellows - Botany nothing can answer tough and cunning businessmen.

  • they do not believe in your plan proceeds;.

  • they do not believe in a team of two programmers;.

  • they do not believe in startups that have no patents;.

  • They do not believe that someone will buy it.

This is a lot of talk, do a lot of seminars for all startups, but even if you know how to argue their positions, it still feel the stopper - scared to give her little child to the wolves of the business. Here I sit, trying to overcome this, write a short sammari and send it to an investor....

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